Club cruise – River Run 2014

The club cruise for 2014 is coming together. Our vision for this cruise is to show off the best of the upper river system. This trip has been planned for the broadest appeal and boats to accommodate boats of all size and capabilities.

Here are the highlights:

  • BBQ in Fredericton Friday night to get organized and have a bit of a party (Music on the wharf in fton We might be able to find a fire pit!)
  • Get up late and leave to Middle Island If the water is down this is a good beach day on one of the islands Not far, easy for the first day.
  • Get up and leave for Big Cove (possible stop in Colwell creek depending on whim – If we go to Colwell creek there is a possibility of a BBQ with a local butcher. On the way to Big Cove we can get a winery tour at Motts Landing.
  • Next day we do a run to Kingston Creek and hike Shamper’s bluff up to the overlook of the Kingston Creek
  • Back up to Gagetown for the fireworks, shopping, pub, etc I’ve asked to reserve 3 moorings for July 1
  • July 2nd is off to DH and sailing in Grand Lake. Wed night is the club race night.
  • July 3rd a late start to sail to flowers cove. Swimming and recovering from Wed night. Raft up in Flowers Cove.
  • July 4 sail to Gagetown anchor in Mount Creek Explore mount creek house, (dinner at the Gagetown fruit farm?)
  • July 5 Anchor off the Oromocto Shoals to go supper at Pizza delight or Middle Island for another beach day
  • July 6 Fton and end of Cruise BBQ

Here is the preliminary itinerary.
















Confirmation, questions or comments can be directed to our cruise coordinator, Mike MacDonald.


About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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