Fredericton yard Cleanup




Please take note of the following:


  1. Read the Yard Rules. These were updated this spring on the FYC website. They cover use and care of the yard and waterfront at Fredericton Base and Douglas Harbour, and your responsibilities for your boat and cradle/trailer.


  1. Clear the slope along the fence by removing your tarp frames, tarps, hoses, extension cords, blocking, horses and refuse so the grass can be cut; and police up the area around your cradle/trailer.


  1. Clear all horses, rope, etc., from the main lawn and store them neatly near the light pole.


  1. Whoever owns the trailer and other materials on the small lawn by the porta-potty, please remove them so this area can be mowed.


  1. Any boats on the docks that have not leased a space are to be moved to a mooring immediately so members who are leasing spaces can occupy their space. The two spaces at the lower end of the upper docks and the upper space of the lower docks are to be kept free for loading, unloading and daytime work.


  1. It’s good to see the gazebo used, but please clean up your garbage and latch the door after use.


  1. After using club hoses and extension cords, please coil them up and shut off the taps.



Rear Commodores

About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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