Work Party, 9 a.m. Saturday June 6


George Bailey will arrive with his tractor at 9 a.m. to launch our floating docks and move heavy equipment and scrape the parking lot gravel as required.


Planned tasks for the work party include:


  1. Install floating docks
  2. Repairs to dock decking (2” X 6” X 8 ft)
  3. Remove window covers
  4. Get domestic water running and toilets and showers operational
  5. Mow grass (push mower already on site)
  6. Rake and clean up any debris from spring flood waters
  7. Trim bushes along entrance roadway
  8. Install waste pump out facility if water levels permit.
  9. Install new signs and fee collection boxes (if available).
  10. Initial search for, retrieval, and rigging of FYC guest moorings


Tools required include portable drills and screw bits, a few shovels and garden rakes, chain saw, clipping shears, two dinghies with outboards, grapple hook with tackle, hammers, skill saw, and crow bar.


A lunch for the hard working crew will be provided. If you plan on attending, please email me at ellisj@rogers.com so lunch numbers can be estimated.



Ellis Jagoe

Rear Commodore, Douglas Harbour

About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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