FYC River Ramblings!

To any members still in the water at FYC:

Please VACATE the mooring field as we need to winterize it.

We will be starting to winterize the mooring field as soon as possible so that we don’t have to do it in bad weather. Please move all of the boats off of the moorings and remove them from the water or move them to the floating docks as soon as possible. We are currently planning on doing a moorings run on Monday at 1pm weather and crew permitting.

Currently the weather forecast looks good for a Monday afternoon run and another Wednesday morning and afternoon and if needed Thursday morning and afternoon. We normally only need three pontoon boat runs to sink the mooring field.

If you have never been on a mooring boat run and would like the experience we will be doing a moorings run on Monday afternoon. Starting at 1 pm weather and crew permitting. Contact Mike@MillenniumOdyssey.ca for more information.

All boats will have to be moved off of the docks before the work party to remove the floating docks.






About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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