Mooring Inspection & Maintenance


Douglas Harbour Mooring Inspection & Maintenance

All who own a mooring in Douglas Harbour should have it inspected every couple of years.  There have been several boats that have broken away from moorings and damage to your own or a neighbour’s vessel is an unhappy event that should be avoided.  We are fortunate to have a well-qualified diver residing very close to the Douglas Harbour wharf with a pontoon boat and necessary equipment.  Here is the information on his services; please contact him (better still team up with another boater) to have your mooring inspected:

Sylvain Jutras, Diver in Douglas Harbour

The price is $65 per dive/ tank. So when I go check a mooring and it requires a chain replacement, the dive to replace the chain is included in the $65. I don’t expect someone to purchase a chain until he knows if it requires one or not. If a mooring needs to be moved then they can contact me for a quote as it will be more as I need to get lift drums and extra air for the lift. If it is a search then I go back again to $65 per tank.

My email is and tel # 385-2490 for contact information. I will be available after the 15th of June so if they contact me I can set a date with them according to work schedule and weather. The mooring holder should be there when I do the inspection.

Same will apply to club members. The difference for club members is that I can dive any time after the 27th of May but due to a family wedding I will not be available between the 9th and 13th of June. If it is an emergency between those dates, contact me and I will see what I can do as I will still be in the area.

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