Update on dock space & Moorings

Update on dock space & Moorings

For boats still on the docks unauthorized, please move to a mooring as soon as possible. With eight spaces leased, the remaining unleased spaces should be freed for boats needing work, loading/unloading, etc.

There are five moorings unoccupied at this time, as follows:

Moorings available:


The lowermost mooring is free of any bridle and available.

The second lowest one has an over-length unmarked bridle on it. The owner should either shorten the bridle and attach a name marker, or remove it for use by others.



Two moorings are free of any bridle and available.

One mooring, closest to shore, has an unmarked bridle on it. As above, it should be marked, or removed for others to take the mooring.


Some of the boats already on moorings have an over-length bridle, which can compromise the boats near them. If yours is one of them, please shorten the bridle to the length prescribed in the Yard Rules.


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