Work Party – Fredericton Yard

There will be a work party at the Fredericton Yard this Saturday


First Things – Prior to Docks Removal

Anyone with a mast not yet put on the mast trees, please do so before the docks come out, as the docks will be placed on the new widening area close to the mast trees.

Clean up rotted horses, blocking, tarps, etc., and stack in a central area.

Anyone whose bridle was left on a mooring, please check for yours in the shed area. Unclaimed bridles will be thrown away.

Remove personal items from the blue shed (oars excepted).

Prep Work for Docks Removal – Prior to arrival of loader at 9:00 a.m.

Move the 2×6 planks from behind “Blind Ambition” to the widened area.

Remove and save the screws from the rubber mats at the joints of the docks. Leave the rubber mats on the docks.

Unshackle the chains from the upper end of the upper docks and lower end of the lower docks. Tie chains to the ropes provided, drag to shore and secure the ropes to a tree inland, for retrieval in the spring.

Unshackle the chains holding the lower docks to the lower wharf, and place them on the wharf.

Docks Removal

Unhook the docks and float to the launch ramp, lower docks first, then upper docks.

Stack docks on widened area, four to a stack, in front of Mohamed’s boat. Place two 2×6 on each end of each dock so that the plastic floats of the dock stacked above it rest on the 2×6’s.

Pontoon Boat

Move frames from back of the blue shed and tarps from inside the shed, and install on the pontoon boat.


Move white and grey tarps from the shed and place on gazebo: the white tarp around the sides, the grey tarp over the roof and tied to the cleats on the deck.


Remove the pole with power and water lines from the lower wharf; carefully coil it and place behind the shed.

The debris deposited by the high water three weeks ago will be left in place for the spring freshet.

About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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