Work Party May 21, 2016 Fredericton Yard


Please plan to help out with the following tasks at the boat yard on May 21st, 8:30 a.m.

(It’ll take only one to two hours, depending on how many help.)

Clean-up of Yard and Your Area

  1. Remove all rotted wood and other debris from your boat area.
  2. Put your used oil and antifreeze in marked containers by a garbage can.
  3. Take your tarp home. If your bridle is by the shed, please remove it.
  4. Remove from the upper wharf area all rotted wood and other debris (from dock repairs).
  5. NEEDED:
  6. i) Weed whackers – to trim grass along the fence, inside and outside.
  7. ii) Pruners – to cut regrowth from stumps of trees cut behind the shed area.

iii)                Lawn rakes – to clean up river debris from the lawn, etc.

  1. iv) Garden rakes – to rake smooth the wharf surfaces where eroded by the river.
  2. v) Trailer – to haul away debris.


Dock-related Work

  1. Attach rubber mats at the joints, using four 2” screws per mat, one side only.
  2. Coil the ropes used for dock installation and return to shed area.
  3. Remove the 2×6 (spacers for storing docks) piled at the mast trees, and stack by power pole.


Thank You


Rear Commodores

About Andrew Jefferies

I purchased Salammbo in 2010 and joined the FYC at the same time. My goal is to keep sailing further and to explore and interesting places.
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