Dino Kubik Commander from the

Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron has asked us to post this training session to our group

The CPS is offering a  6 Week Seminar:

Marine Electrical Maintenance

if interested people can register by contacting  me (Dino) via phone, text or email 260.3406 dinokubik@gmail.com

Below is a brief course description.


Dino Kubik

Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron Commander


6 Week Seminar Series: Marine Electrical Maintenance

Instructors: Dennis Lovely, Skipper, Professor, and UNB Student Union Teaching Excellent Award winner

Time: 6:30 – 10pm

Dates: Mon Feb 20 to Mon, Mar 27

Price: $200

Location UNB, Up Hill Section of Head Hall, Room  H102 enter by old wooden steps  just down from the Provincial Archives


Register by contacting Dino Kubik 260.3406 dinokubik@gmail.com

Marine safety is very dependent on your boats electrical system and this seminar series will help you maintain your electrical system. The Fredericton Power and Sail Squadron asked Skipper and UNB electric engineering Professor Dr. Dennis Lovely to prepare and deliver a 6-week seminar entitled Marine Electrical Maintenance. This series was prepared with the Fredericton boater in mind.

This is boat specific instruction with hands on training using multi meters, crimpers, connectors, and instruction on electrical circuits, wiring, routing wiring, diagnose and repair electrical problems. You also will learn about galvanic corrosion, stray currents, isolation, grounding, and safety of electrical systems.

The evenings will include a Squadron sponsored coffee break mid-way through the 6:30 to 10pm evening.



LECTURE 1: An introduction to basic electricity

  • Electron flow
  • Insulators& conductors
  • Resistance& Ohm’s Law
  • Parallel v. series connections
  • Introduction to circuit diagrams

Show & tell: circuit diagrams, parallel/series bulb breadboard, measuring voltage



LECTURE 2: Boat DC electrical wiring

  • Types of electrical current
  • Effects of electric current
  • Types of wire
  • Wire gauge
  • Fuses & circuit breakers

Show & tell: compass interference demo, twisted pair, samples of wire, circuit breaker



LECTURE 3: Batteries and battery care

  • Types of batteries
  • Battery characteristics
  • Marine batteries
  • Recharging& safety
  • Dealing with multiple batteries

Show & tell: Battery charger, using a hydrometer, 1-all-2-off switch



LECTURE 4 (short) + Practical session

  • Additional electrical symbols
  • Using a multi-meter to measure V, I & R
  • Resistor colour code
  • Different types of switches: SPDT, DPDT…
  • Crimping& soldering
  • Wire clamps& cable ties
  • Protection using heat shrink

Show & tell: Measuring V-I-R, switches, soldering, crimping, heat gun, heat-shrink



LECTURE 5: Galvanic corrosion & stray currents

  • Galvanic scale of metals
  • Galvanic corrosion between dissimilar metals
  • Protecting from galvanic corrosion
  • Stray current corrosion
  • Minimizing stray currents



LECTURE 6: Modern trends in boat electronics & fault finding

  • LED v. Incandescent lamps
  • Inverters
  • NMEA introduction
  • Is it bulb, wire or switch?
  • Metal objects close to autopilot compass
  • Wires close to compass


We would also  like to formerly introduce to you our new Commodore

David West

and your new race director

John McKinney

Here are a couple of pictures from the Social / awards held at Grimross Taproom Dec. 6






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