Board Positions and DH committee

Hi everyone,

We need volunteers!

We have 4 or 5 board positions coming up in November. Specifically, we will need:

– Commodore

– Vice Commodore

– Treasurer

– Race Committee member

– [possible] Rear-Commodore Douglas Harbour

These vacancies are in important roles that we really can’t have vacant. I encourage all members to give this serious consideration. We need your involvement to make FYC work.

Related to this, we are also looking for volunteers for the Douglas Harbour committee. These individuals will help the Rear-Commodore in the maintenance and servicing of the Douglas Harbour facilities.

Please contact me if you have any questions about these positions or if you are willing to volunteer.


Andrew Jefferies




Lifts are scheduled in the near future,














 Here is the Local Wind Prediction:

The Fredericton Yacht Club is small, friendly club that services the boaters of Fredericton and the surrounding area. We support our membership and our guests with facilities in Fredericton and Douglas Harbour. We are a social, member operated, club that is perfect for new or experienced boaters.

We service cruisers, racers and day sailors with sailboats and power boats.