Hello all members

It certainly turned into a hot and sticky summer.  Hard to believe that it is almost September!  There never seems to be enough time to spend on our

beautiful waterways…..


Some good news to report.  After Joe’s departure I became interim Commodore – filling in until the annual meeting.  Happily, Andrew Jeffrey has stepped in as Vice Commodore and is willing to let his name stand for the Commodore’s position.  Andrew held this position several years ago and did a great job.  Welcome back Andrew!


We will be looking for a new Vice-Commodore this Fall. Please give me a shout if you’re interested.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve found that serving on the Board has been a great opportunity to learn and to give back to a wonderful organization.


Incidentally, thanks to everyone who helped to launch Silk this year and to figure out the rigging. It was very much appreciated.


A few members have sold their boats this year.  For some folks this isn’t the easiest of decisions.  We hope you’ll stay with us as Social Members.

If not, you will be missed!


We have a number of new members this year.  Welcome!  We hope that you have taken the time to read the New Members Handbook & Yard Rules.  Both can be found on the website fyc.ca.  These resources have important information that you need to know.


Also, if you are planning to haul out in Fredericton this Fall and haven’t linked to a lift group yet, please let us know.  We’ll advise the lift Captains.  Each group generally schedules two days for this activity. One day is for taking the masts down and the other is for lifting the boats out and storing in the yard.  Careful planning for storage has to be done in the next few weeks, as we have a finite amount of room due to high water possibilities.

The Lift Captain calls the shots and you are expected to adhere to strict safety protocols.  This is potentially a very dangerous process and we don’t want to have members hurt or boats damaged.

You must have valid insurance and have paid your membership renewal before the lift.  Shared payment amount for the lift cranes will be communicated to you by the Lift Captain.  You are expected to pay this amount promptly as per direction – usually at the time of the lift.


No alcohol is to be consumed by anyone taking part in a lift.

There are hard hats and a first aid kit in the shed.


Racing is still held every Wednesday (6 ‘ish) at Douglas Harbour and there are Saturday races coming up soon too. If you haven’t tried racing, give it a shot.  There are lots of folks willing to help you and it certainly is a learning experience. Details on our website or contact Mike McKendy.

Contact info for members is also on the website in the Members area.


I have really enjoyed racing on Kisimul and even raced a couple of times with Silk.  I’m sure performance in Silk’s first race would have been better if I had remembered to put the battens in the Main……. :o)


The Flowers Cove two day racing was a great success.  A gorgeous spot toraft up 11 boats together!


The Surf and Turf, and Corn Boil were also well attended and lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who helped to organize, cook, and cleanup.


Work has been done on the mooring fields in both Fredericton and Douglas Harbour.  It is astonishing as to how much has been accomplished in the last several years.  Mooring inspections, acquisition of new mooring blocks, splicing & preparation of new mooring lines,  placement of new moorings & removal of deteriorating ones, & charting of mooring locations.


The pontoon boat has been upgraded with hydraulics and other needed repairs. It may not be pretty but it’s working really well.


Thanks to everyone who donated long hours and grunt work to get all this work completed.


I’ve probably forgotten something but hopefully this will give you a pretty good idea as to what your fellow sailors have been up to.

Hope you have great sailing for the duration of the season!

If you have anything you’d like to share, please send it along!

Cheers Deb

C 260.3298



Important News re the Fredericton Mooring Field –  Mike MacDonald


The mooring field in Fredericton has been inspected and there was only one mooring that was completely condemned. There are a few that have been put on our ‘Replace next year’ list.

We had ten new moorings ready to move into position. One went to replace the condemned mooring so we have nine new moorings in the field. After the inspection we recovered three moorings that we were unable to recover this spring.  They were not inspected. To be clear, the top three moorings of the outer string in the up river field have not been inspected.


Water levels in the Saint John River are VERY LOW. When the water level drops, a boat on a mooring will swing in a bigger circle. Some of our moorings are very close together. Some of the new moorings that were installed are very close together to give us space for smaller boats as we have a lot of boats that are less than 26 ft.


If you feel that there is a boat that is too close to you, MOVE! At the present time there are lots of moorings available. It is your choice which mooring your boat is on. If you own a larger boat, consider moving toward the outside edges of the field where there is more space for larger boats.

Wisely choose a mooring, and with consideration for your fellow members.

The Hazard bouy for the crib (straight out from the lower dock) has now been moved from downstream of the crib to upstream of it. The bouy had been pulled down river until it was well below the crib.


We moved the condemned mooring to the face of the upriver side of the crib and reattached the Hazard bouy there. As a result the hazard bouy may drift up river a bit when we have current running up river. The hazard bouy is a reminder that the crib is there, it doesn’t really mark the center of the crib.  It’s bigger than you may think!


We couldn’t put the mooring on top of the crib simply because there wasn’t enough water on top of the crib. The grass growing on the crib can be clearly seen this year.


Your 2015 Race schedule is posted under the Race section, you can also see the races / events and download the events directly into your personal calendar from the calendar section.

Additional details and other events for the season posted in the the FYC Calendar

which can easily downloaded to your personal device (phone, tablet, computer).


Here is the Local Wind Prediction:

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