Work Party – May 21, 2016 Fredericton Yard


Please plan to help out with the following tasks at the boat yard on May 21st, 8:30 a.m.

(It’ll take only one to two hours, depending on how many help.)

Clean-up of Yard and Your Area

  1. Remove all rotted wood and other debris from your boat area.
  2. Put your used oil and antifreeze in marked containers by a garbage can.
  3. Take your tarp home. If your bridle is by the shed, please remove it.
  4. Remove from the upper wharf area all rotted wood and other debris (from dock repairs).
  5. NEEDED:
  6. i) Weed whackers – to trim grass along the fence, inside and outside.
  7. ii) Pruners – to cut regrowth from stumps of trees cut behind the shed area.

iii)                Lawn rakes – to clean up river debris from the lawn, etc.

  1. iv) Garden rakes – to rake smooth the wharf surfaces where eroded by the river.
  2. v) Trailer – to haul away debris.

 Dock-related Work

  1. Attach rubber mats at the joints, using four 2” screws per mat, one side only.
  2. Coil the ropes used for dock installation and return to shed area.
  3. Remove the 2×6 (spacers for storing docks) piled at the mast trees, and stack by power pole.

Thank You

Rear Commodores


Your 2016 race schedule is:


Your Printable copy Race Sched 2016



Info on Mooring Inspection

Douglas Harbour Mooring Inspection & Maintenance

All who own a mooring in Douglas Harbour should have it inspected every couple of years.  There have been several boats that have broken away from moorings and damage to your own or a neighbour’s vessel is an unhappy event that should be avoided.  We are fortunate to have a well-qualified diver residing very close to the Douglas Harbour wharf with a pontoon boat and necessary equipment.  Here is the information on his services; please contact him (better still team up with another boater) to have your mooring inspected:

Sylvain Jutras, Diver in Douglas Harbour

The price is $65 per dive/ tank. So when I go check a mooring and it requires a chain replacement, the dive to replace the chain is included in the $65. I don’t expect someone to purchase a chain until he knows if it requires one or not. If a mooring needs to be moved then they can contact me for a quote as it will be more as I need to get lift drums and extra air for the lift. If it is a search then I go back again to $65 per tank.

My email is jjutras2@hotmail.com and tel # 385-2490 for contact information. I will be available after the 15th of June so if they contact me I can set a date with them according to work schedule and weather. The mooring holder should be there when I do the inspection.

Same will apply to club members. The difference for club members is that I can dive any time after the 27th of May but due to a family wedding I will not be available between the 9th and 13th of June. If it is an emergency between those dates, contact me and I will see what I can do as I will still be in the area.

Early FYC Cruise – June 25 – July 2, 2016

We are in the process of setting the schedule for the club cruise and before we set the itinerary. We would like to know the number of people from Fredericton that would be interested in joining us for the cruise.


The dates for the Early Club Cruise are Saturday June 25 to Saturday July 2.

If people are interested in going on the cruise please let me know with a vote

1 -“I want to start and return to Fredericton” or

2 – “I want to start and return to Douglas Harbour” or

3 – “I just want to go on the cruise!”



Mike MacDonald

Millennium Odyssey


– – –  Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird will come.  Please use Mike@MillenniumOdyssey.ca as your address.

Cheers, Jan Wilkinson


Here is the Local Wind Prediction:

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We service cruisers, racers and day sailors with sailboats and power boats.