Position Name Phone Email
Commodore Debbie Shorten 506-260-3298
Past Commodore Antoinette Demers 506-455-6004
Vice Commodore   Greg Violette 506-476-7863
Secretary Bill Walker 506-459-7365
Chair Race Committee John McKinney 506-262-2275
Rear Commodore Fredericton Mike Stanley 506-262-0790
Rear Commodore Fredericton Bob Scott  506-260-3051
Treasurer Leonard Lee-White   506-452-8786
Rear Commodore
Douglas Harbour
Marc-Antoine Demers 506-461-4804
Safety Officer Mike Legere 506-575-4663
 Publicity Officer Yves Mazerolle
Committee Chair
Andy Belyea 455-9633

The MMSI or Ship Station Group number for the FYC is: 031600032

Mailing Address:
Fredericton Yacht Club
P.O. BOX 25
Fredericton, NB
E3B 4Y2