The Fredericton Yacht Club is small, friendly club that services the boaters of Fredericton and the surrounding area. We support our membership and our guests with facilities in Fredericton and Douglas Harbour. We are a social, member operated, club that is perfect for new or experienced boaters.

We service cruisers, racers and day sailors with sailboats and power boats

Douglas Harbour Winterizing

Douglas Harbour Close out November 2nd (this Saturday)
Start time 0900 AM
Estimated duration of work 3 hours
Tasks to complete
a. moving of pump out
b. boarding of windows
c. draining of water
d. hauling docks out, and
e. sinking of moorings.

Antoinette for Dave Warren RC Douglas Harbour.

Annual General Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting

To All Fredericton Yacht Club Members,

The Annual General Meeting of the Fredericton Yacht Club will be held Tuesday, November 19, 2019 beginning at 6:30pm -9:30pm with awards ceremony and social to follow.  Killarney Lake Rotary Lodge 1600 St.Mary`s St Fredericton.                                                                    


 FYC Members – Mooring Drop Update:

Fellow FYC members,

On Monday, Oct. 21st the final mooring run of 5 was completed.

Down river inside string (5). Crew – Michel Goguen, Mike McKendy, Mike Stanley.

Special thanks to M. Goguen for towing out the pontoon boat. What a great Tacoma!

The pontoon boat now only awaits, blocking for freshet clearance, and covering.

On Saturday Oct. 19th, 3 mooring runs were performed totalling 28 mooring drops.

Upriver middle string (11). Crew – Andy Belyea, Dale Thibodeau, David West, Rod MacGregor.

Down River outer string (9). Crew – Graham Jefferies, Martin Laguë, Norman Knight, Troy Otis.

Down River middle string (8). Crew – Craig Schneider, Dino Kubik, Paul Meyer.

Previously, on Oct. 5th the two runs were:

Upper outside (8). Crew – Rod MacGregor, Ed Travis, Dennis Lovely,
Upper inside (9). Crew – John McKinney, Leonard Lee-White, Alec Lee-White and Rod MacGregor.

A big thanks to all who took a turn crewing. The weather was great for being on the water one last time!

This Fall was a good start to broader member participation in this necessary mooring work.

( From about 70 total FYC members, this fall 18 individual crew members worked the mooring drops.)

So the crew list is getting longer. More members are sharing in the work load. Which means less work for any one person.

I suggest we get even more members involved (those who are able) and strive for a yearly/seasonal goal of 36 individual members (18 each in spring and fall).

Come spring 2020, if you are not among the crew list above, please volunteer.


Jack Kipping


Membership Dues

Dear Members,

Invoices were mailed to members for 2019 Membership Dues and where applicable boat storage fees. Please note payment in full is due on or before October 1, 2019.

A reminder to lift group members, as per the Club’s Yard Rules membership dues and storage fees must be paid and proof of insurance shown to your Lift Captain prior to the lift.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

Antoinette Demers Publicity officer                                                                                                                                  ,

2018 Race schedule                                                                                                                FYC Race Schedule For 2018 (May 2, 2018)

 Here is the Local Wind Prediction:

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