FYC Racing Instructions


All races shall be governed by the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009-2012* rules and the CYA prescription to these rules.


To rank as a starter all yachts must check in with the Race Committee Officer of the Day (OOD) at the Skippers Meeting, Committee Boat or on VHF radio prior to each race, and be acknowledged no later than the preparatory signal.

Start line

Normally will be between two “Race Markers” east of the entrance to Douglas Harbor. This may be changed by the OOD.

Finish line

Normally the line defined above. This may be changed by the OOD.


A one minute Round-the-End Rule (30.1*) shall be in effect for all starts. (i.e. when any part of a yacht’s hull, crew or equipment is on the course side of the starting line or its extensions during the minute before her starting signal, she shall return to the pre-start side of the start line across one of the extensions.)


Attempts will be made to hail by name or sail number yachts which have not started correctly or which have failed to comply with Round-the-End rule.

The onus remains with competitors to start correctly.

A general recall shall be signaled by two sounds accompanied by VHF radio message and/or the hoisting of the first substitute pennant (blue & yellow flag). The clock will continue to run on and the first substitute pennant will be lowered 4 minutes after the aborted start. The new start will be 1 minute later, 5 minutes after the aborted start, at the lowering of the class flag and 1 sound.

Time limits

There will be a one hour time limit for the first mark, two hours for the first circuit and four hours for each race based on the time of the leading boat. This may be changed by the OOD. Very late finishers may be asked by the OOD to report their own finish time via VHF.


Shall be designated by the OOD at a skipper’s meeting. (The OOD may elect to defer till actual course conditions can be assessed and announce by hail and VHF.)

Shortened Course

The OOD may shorten the course (VHF and/or display flag S with two sounds) or abandon the race (VHF and/or display flag N, with three sounds), as appropriate,

  • because of an error in the starting procedure,
  • because of foul weather,
  • because of insufficient wind making it unlikely that any boat will finish within the time limit,
  • because a mark is missing or out of position, or
  • for any other reason directly affecting the safety or fairness of the competition.

The new finish line will normally be between the Committee Boat and the next mark on the course. The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone (4*).

Delayed start

A postponement in starting will be indicated by VHF and/or by 2 sounds accompanied by the hoisting of the answering pennant (white and red striped flag). Termination of postponement will be indicated by VHF and/or by 1 sound accompanied by the lowering of the answering pennant.

Start signals(Rule 26 *)


Time (min)Before Start Signal Visual Sound
5 Warning Hoist class flag 1 Sound
4 Preparatory Hoist prep flag 1 Sound
1 Lower prep flag 1 Long Sound
0 Start Lower class flag 1 Sound

The class flag is normally white if there is only one class.

The preparatory flag is normally black or dark blue.


720 alternative penalty rule will apply as provided in the ISAF* racing rule 44.


All official protests shall conform to the requirements of ISAF* Rule 60.

Protests must be signaled by showing a red flag (code flag ‘B’) or reasonable facsimile.

Official protests shall be in writing using the prescribed CYA protest form, available from the Race Committee.

Protests shall be heard by a panel of three skippers appointed by the Race Committee.

Automatic Steering

A wind or compass directed steering device may be used occasionally as safety and seamanship dictate (52*).


The low point scoring shall be used as follows: (Appendix ‘A’ *)


Placing Points
First Place 1 point
Second Place 2 points
Third Place 3 points, etc.
DNS/RET No. of starters + 1
DNS No. of competitors +1
DSQ No. of starters +3


PHRF handicaps as designated by the Race Committee. Base PHRF ratings are the mean from USPHRF and are for the season. A “Golf Handicap” system is under evaluation (http://offshore.ussailing.org/PHRF.htm and http://offshore.ussailing.org/PHRF/Golf_Handicapps.htm)

“Yacht Data Sheets” must be submitted for all yachts (sheets at FYC.CA). Any sail changes which may result in a rating change must be declared to the Race Committee Chair prior to the Wednesday evening (9 pm) before the race.


Any changes or additional instructions will be announced on VHF radio.


  • VHF Communication will normally be on channel 71.
  • Time will normally be taken from GPS reference.
  • Skippers meeting will normally be at noon or 6 PM on the Douglas Harbor wharf.
  • Prize ceremonies normally at the FYC clubhouse one hour following the last finish.