FYC Fees

Club member fees

The following charges shall be in effect to members of the Fredericton Yacht Club:

Senior membership $375.00
Social membership $ 35.00
Commercial membership $475.00
Outport membership (must be a senior member
of a yacht club no closer than 50km from DH)
Student membership $125.00
Yard storage of boat $1.10 / sq. ft. / yr.
Summer storage of trailer $50.00
Docking fees $10.00 / lin. ft. /season.
$4.25 / lin. ft /month
$1.50 / lin. ft /week
$0.50 / lin. ft /day

Non-Member fees

Ramp Launching (less than 20 feet) $15.00 each time
Ramp Launching (more than 20 feet) $35.00 per launch or retrieval
Use of crane pad when launching or retrieving boat with crane $250.00 per launch or retrieval

* Note: The official FYC Yard Rules document is the definitive source for all FYC fees.