Club Cruise 2013 – Itinerary


This year’s club cruise theme is “A taste of salt”.

Lighthouse on Campobello Island

Lighthouse on Campobello Island

Many of our sailors are apprehensive about venturing out of the protection of the river system. This club cruise will allow us an easier, and safer, introduction to near shore sailing. We will do a loop up to Campobello Island and back.

We will modify this itinerary realtime, during the cruise, to accommodate current weather conditions and progress.

If you have ideas for local attractions that we could visit at each port of call, please contact me.

  1. Friday, July 19th
    1. Douglas Harbour to Caton’s Island
    2. Note: We will leave Douglas Harbour at approximately 10am. Distance 35 miles. Expected travel time is 6 hours. If leaving from Fredericton it is recommended to leave early on Friday morning and expect an additional 4 hours of travel time.
  2. Saturday, July 20th
    1. Caton’s Island to RKYC
    2. Note: We will leave Caton’s Island at approximately 10am. Distance is 17 Miles. Expected travel time is 4.5 hours.
  3. Sunday, July 21st
    1. Traverse Reversing Falls at 08:36 (0446 low tide)
    2. Saint John to Beaver Harbour (1055 high tide)
    3. Note: We will leave RKYC 06:30 to give 2 hours to get the 6.5 miles to the Reversing Falls. We will wait at the falls until the window. We will traverse the falls and proceed into the bay. The tide turns at 10:55 and runs at  1-2.5 knots.  Total distance to Beaver Harbour 50 Miles with an expected travel time of 10 hours. We will anchor.
  4. Monday, July 22nd
    1. Beaver Harbour to St. Andrews (11:51 high tide)
    2. Note: We will leave Beaver Harbour at 1100 and proceed to St. Andrews. Distance 17 miles. Expected travel time 4 hours. We will use the town moorings or anchor.
  5. Tuesday, July 23rd
    1. Hang around St. Andrew’s
  6. Wednesday, July 24th (1338 high tide)
    1. St. Andrew’s to Campobello
    2. Tie up in Head Harbour at either pay wharf or other options (pile driver, etc)
    3. Note: We will leave St. Andrew at 1100. Distance 18 miles. Expected travel time 4 hours. We will tie to pile driver float.
  7. Thursday, July 25th(08:20 low tide)
    1. Campobello to Saint John RKYC
    2. Note: We will leave Head Harbour at 0530 and proceed to Saint John. If we cannot make the falls in the window we will stop in Dipper Harbour. Otherwise the plan is to traverse the Falls at 1654 (1429 high tide). Distance to RKYC 52 miles. Estimated travel time 13 hours. Stay at RKYC.
  8. Alternate (if missed): Friday, July 26th
    1. Dipper to Saint John (09:07 low tide)
    2. Traverse Reversing Falls at 1745 (1520 high tide)
    3. Stay at RKYC
  9. Friday, July 26th
    1. RKYC to Kingston Creek
  10. Saturday, July 27th
    1. Kingston Creek to Home

Contact Andrew Jefferies ( if you would like to get involved in further planning around the cruise or to confirm attendance.

Note on communications: Throughout the cruise we will be monitoring channel 16 and 12 and will be using 71 as our working channel.

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