Welcome to the new “The Log”

An old copy of the log

2002 Copy of The Log

“The Log” has been a long standing tradition at the FYC. We have used it to relay stories, information, and share memories. Traditionally The Log has been released periodically as a PDF document and in hard copy.

Producing a single static document is a time consuming process that takes an understanding of layout, content contributors and distribution. A daunting task!

An easier, less time consuming, alternative to a monolithic document is a web version of The Log. Content can be added as it is written. The online tool that is used to present The Log allows for easy creation that anyone can do quickly.

This new website section will be a way for us to keep The Log as a key communication within the club but will move it into a more regular and dynamic resource. Rather than a static document released yearly (?), this page will be updated immediately as stories are written by members.

Interested in contributing to The Log? It is fast and easy. Contact Andrew Jefferies for details on how you can get involved.

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